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Staff and Administrative Responsibilities of Military Instructor Office

This office has sixteen military instructors in total, including a director and fifteen junior military instructors.

  • DirectorˇG
    Following the instruction of the principal, he manages the general military instruction affairs, supervises the teaching of the national defense course and implements the counseling of the students’ life.
  • Military instructors & the leader of the life counseling group take charge of:
  • 1. Studentsˇ¦ life counseling 2. Studentsˇ¦ graduation and initial education planning 3. Training of the class leaders 4. Studentsˇ¦ leave, punishment and attendance management 5. Studentsˇ¦ behavioral problems 6. Studentsˇ¦ moral assessment meeting 7. Campus security, disaster prevention and evacuation, execution of the air-defense exercise
  • Junior military instructors take charge of:
    1. 1. Security maintenance and joint patrolling outside the school 2. Legal education 3. Gangs prevention 4. Transportation guiding 5. Visit the students living outside the school 6. Counsel the dropout and overseas students 7. Chun-Huei project(prevent drug, smoking, betel palm, alcohol and Aids) 8. Remedy application and counseling for the poverty students 9. All military drills


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