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The Second Foreign Language
The Second Foreign Language

The Swimming Contest
The Swimming Contest


     Based on the objective of "implementation of college education at high school level", teachers educate students in an interactive, vigorous and diversified way so as to achieve the goal of mutual growth of teachers and students. Besides, the students are encouraged to participate in local and international competitions to demonstrate learning achievements. Moreover, support groups are also set up in the form of workshops to exchange experience and perception from time to time. Through mutual support and growth, they author their study and research , covering literature, natural science, human science and educational consultation, etc. What is more, "Jianguo High School Journal" is also published periodically every year, to provide the latest information. The students of Jianguo High School demonstrate outstanding academic performances. The college admission rate is close to 100% every year, ahead of all the other high schools in Taiwan. Given rigorous training by the teachers, the students usually perform remarkably in various academic contests. The science-gifted students have achieved prominence in International Olympia Mathematics Competition (from 1991~2005, the number of the accumulated medals are 17 gold medals, 27 silver medals, 12 bronze medals). Their superb performances in national scientific have led us to grab numerous wins. The well-known marching band and color guards with marvelous performances have also won grand prizes in music competitions. The field and track team and the rugby team, have won victories in various competitions. In addition, students’ achievements in Mandarin competitions, English competitions, Red Chamber literature Awards and those of a 2nd foreign language are all praise-worthy and splendid.

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:::Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School   (10066)Address: 56 Nan Hai Road, Taipei City 10066, Taiwan   TEL:886-2-23034381

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