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Taipei State Taipei First High School

Red Building
Red Building


     Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School was founded during the Japanese reign in 1898. In the beginning, the school was named " The 4th Affiliated Mandarin School with Middle Sector," with only 10 Japanese students. She was the first high school in Taiwan. In 1922, it was renamed "Taipei State Taipei First High School". In 1945, after World War II, her name was changed to "Taiwan Provincial Taipei Jianguo High School". In 1967, as Taipei City came under the jurisdiction of Executive Yuan, the name was again changed into "Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High school."

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:::Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School   (10066)Address: 56 Nan Hai Road, Taipei City 10066, Taiwan   TEL:886-2-23034381

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