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CK Harmonica Club
CK Harmonica Club

CK Choral Society
CK Choral Society

CK Graducation Ceremony
The Graduation Ceremony

Extracurricular Activity Associations

     "Being a Jianguo High School student without participating in any club is like never being admitted to Jianguo High School at all". Our school clubs are characterized by diversity, autonomy, delicacy, and creativity, providing students with opportunities to exhibit their talents, develop their potential, enhance their interpersonal relationships, show concern for the society, and explore themselves. Immersed in such a liberal school, the students may cultivate their autonomy, self-discipline, and critical thinking, so as to strengthen their self-growth.

     Our school clubs cover academic, musical, athletic, service, and artistic fields, offering lectures, panel discussion and kinesthetic activities. Each club demonstrates their own achievements independently or in association with the student council and other prestigious high schools, so as to display their vigor. In international competitions, the Red Chamber students spare no efforts to achieve their ambition in an attempt to reach perfection, which best manifests their talents and pride.

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:::Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School   (10066)Address: 56 Nan Hai Road, Taipei City 10066, Taiwan   TEL:886-2-23034381

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